English Improv Comedy in Amsterdam


AN impro upstart

IMPROGANGA is an Amsterdam improvisational theater and comedy outfit, founded and driven by two American expats (though one is actually half-Dutch).

Primarily a vehicle to provide English-speaking players in the Amsterdam area — and the Netherlands at large — more performance time, ImproGanga produces shows, workshops and courses. We seek to give opportunity to players to learn and develop, inherently growing the improv community with strength and investment.






You have a light within you. Burn it out.
— Del Close


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Isaac simon


Isaac's first brush with improv was when a family friend convinced him that she was a martian. He was eight years old. With that moment galvanizing him, he has gone on to perform, teach, direct, and live improv in the States, Spain, and the Netherlands over the course of almost 15 years.

He has played with the Barcelona Improv Group, ImprovBoston ensembles, The Riot Theater's house team ImprovJones in Boston, and has performed with Marbles Improv, easylaughs and Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. He was a part of the Copenhagen International Improv Festival 2017.

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NORa mcleese


At age 7, Nora played a servant on a Titanic-inspired ship as part of a school play. There was tray-based choreography involved. Suffice to say, she's been hooked on performing ever since. 

With [redacted] years of theatre and improv — plus half a dozen lived countries — under her belt, Nora has trained and performed with Hoopla Impro (UK), The Nursery (UK), Washington Improv Theater, the Second City, and iO Chicago (USA), and Amsterdam's own easylaughs, TVA IMPRO, and Boom Chicago. She was a featured performer at the Phoenix Improv Festival 2017 and is a proud member of the Ferocious Four.




The best way to learn is by doing.
— Some old, dead guy

A common sentiment and the improv philosophy that ImproGanga was built on. We aim to provide performance time for players eager to learn and grow, as well as emerging groups and projects. With performances arts, time in front of an audience is invaluable. In particular with improv comedy, where the energy of the audience feeds the show and every show is different. 

At this time, we are staging ImproGanga Monthly Main Stage shows, along with indie try-out stages and are constantly looking to expand our availability and impact.


Outside of growing our own players, we are involved in producing other shows and projects with an improv slant. We are building relationships with venues all across Amsterdam in order to stage shows and show series that reach a variety of audiences and communities. Our producing team is bursting with ideas, enthusiasm, and commitment to developing and staging great shows — wherever they may be. 


Improv is nothing without support. Amsterdam has an improv community and scene that is bursting with potential. We want to help break it through. We see to do this through collaborative efforts and stoking the enthusiasm in new players, keeping them in the community to develop their skills and commitment over time. Ultimately, we want to build a stronger community surrounding English improv and performing, becoming self-sustaining in its ideals, and build better relationships with the Dutch and non-English speaking communities to move forward together.