Monthly Master Class: Just Be with Shea Elmore
1:00 PM13:00

Monthly Master Class: Just Be with Shea Elmore

"Just Be" Acting & Naturalistic Improvisation

What if your scene work wasn’t always focused on getting laughs? Through a series of exercises focused on both personal awareness and teamwork, improvisers receive tools that tap into emotional nuances and subtle yet powerful choices. It will feel more like life. And just like life, it can be beautiful, it can be sad, it can be scary, and it can be hilarious.


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Monthly Master Class: Tickle Your Scene Partner with Laura Doorneweerd
1:00 PM13:00

Monthly Master Class: Tickle Your Scene Partner with Laura Doorneweerd

Tickle Your Scene Partner

Look at them: that beautiful human you share the stage with. It is your scene partner. But what are they thinking? Where are they going? What can you do with them?

In this workshop we will work on reading our scene partner (their face, their body, their tone of voice, their choice of words). All this will tell us how to inspire them in the best possible way. I will teach you some strong supporting skills, but also little quirky tricks to tickle their fancy. 

Next to this we will also develop you! How can you become that person everybody wants to play with? Are you irresistible yet? Let's make it happen!


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Summer Improv Classes with Adam Cawley (Second City Toronto)
to Aug 22

Summer Improv Classes with Adam Cawley (Second City Toronto)

This August, the folks behind ImproGanga are partnering with the Improv Comedy Copenhagen Theatre and Cafe to bring you two days of excellent improv with Second City Alumnus Adam Cawley. 

On Monday the 21st and Tuesday the 22nd, Adam will be teaching two unique and excellent classes. Students can sign up for one, or two (if you sign up for two, you get a discount). We'll be holding these lovely classes at Cinetol, the same venue as the wildly successful Amsterdam Improv Marathon. Workshops are 53€ each. Get both for 80€ (workshops will be payed in DKK)

Discovering the Now
So much of our scenes are stuck dealing with the future or the past. Characters stuck in relationships that are stagnant and unchanging. Learn how to discover, and listen in real time. Focus less on what should be happening and more on what is actually happening with your scene partner.

Game of the Scene Intensive
Games are all about fun. Even when your scene has no host explaining the rules, there’s still a game being played. This workshop explores different ways to identify, create, and find multiple games for your scenes. Learn ways to heighten, explore, and expand your game through relationship, environment and emotion.


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MINI-INTENSIVE with the tim&micah project (Second City)
to Apr 12

MINI-INTENSIVE with the tim&micah project (Second City)

World class improv teachers Tim Soszko and Micah Philbrook from the Second City will be in Amsterdam in April to offer an incredible, tailor-made, three-day intensive called Advanced Improv: Relationships and Fearlessness! 

Over three days, this course will focus on two main things.

elationship: Creating a solid foundation for your character will lead you to a solid relationship with your scene partner. Too often improvisors get lost in the situation, plot or story in a scene. The exercises in this class will focus you back on the connection with your scene partner. Where it belongs.

Fearlessness: It’s time to stop thinking so much and just go for it! Improv is about trust – trusting your partner, and most importantly, trusting yourself. And like editing, it’s a skill we can learn. You know those bold moves you love seeing but never seem to make? Well, now is the time to work the muscles that help you make those moves. Focus on confident choices, reckless agreement, and unapologetic support.

COST: €165
DATES: 10-12 April (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
TIMES: 19.00-22.00(3 hours daily, 9 hours total)
LOCATION: Amsterdam (venue tbc)

SIGN UP DEADLINE: Sunday, 2 April



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